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IFD Systems technicians have been trained by referencing NFPA 10 and licensed through various municipalities.

Our Services

• AB, BC, K Class, CO2

• Inspections

• Recharge

• Six Year Maintenance

• Hydrostatic Test

• Fire Extinguisher Training

During an inspection, our IFD Systems Fire Extinguisher technicians will:

  • Remove the extinguisher from hanger and determine if it is following all manufacturer’s regulations  
  • Check gauge pressure and condition as well as its compatibility with the extinguisher
  • Check the date of manufacture, last hydrotest & six-year maintenance date 
  • Check the valve and shell for damage and/or corrosion 
  • Remove the hose to ensure threads are intact as well
  • Inspect the hose for cracks or splits and check the condition of the discharge horn 
  • Check the valve opening for foreign powder or matter
  • Remove the extinguisher seal and locking pin and check the upper and lower handles then replace the locking pin and reseal the extinguisher 
  • For dry extinguishers, technician will fluff the powder by turning the extinguisher 
  • Check the condition of the hose/horn retention band at the side of the extinguisher 
  • Confirm the extinguishers classification, operating instructions are legible, and that the extinguisher is properly tagged
  • Survey the area to verify that classification corresponds with the hazard 
  • Make sure the extinguisher is visible and unobstructed 
  • Replace the extinguisher on its hanger and provide an inspection report explaining any deficiencies along with any corrective action necessary to be in accordance with recognized codes for care and maintenance

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